Adventure care can take children and young people from 9 years of age of either gender and from all ethnic backgrounds.

Placements available cover the whole range, including emergency, short term/crisis, mid term and long term care. When a placement is available the child or young person can be placed straight away.

The hope is that the child or young person will be involved in deciding to come to adventure care and will be able to look around the facilities beforehand. Although, reality is that in many crisis situations the child may need to be placed right away.

Children and young people referred to us may be experiencing:

• A rapidly deteriorating situation that requires immediate attention and action
• Emotional difficulties
• Behavioural difficulties
• Homelessness
• Breakdown of usual home environment whether with family or in a care setting
• Breakdown of relationships
• Death of a family member
• Risk of harm, maybe with a history of abuse e.g, sexual, physical, emotional or neglect.
• Risk to themselves i.e. potential history of self harming, overdosing, absconding
• Involvement in delinquent behaviour

Normally there is enough time to have a pre-placement meeting, where the young person, social worker, family and other relevant people will be invited. If this is not possible in emergency placements, it will be ensured that sufficient information is gathered to commence work effectively with the child and design an appropriate placement plan. Each young person will have their needs assessed individually and plans made for how these will be met. As the placements are single occupancy there is not the concern whether they can get on with other young people and enables us to take young people with seriously negative behaviour such as violence, aggression & arson.

The placement is designed to be safe and structured and to treat the young people with respect whilst enabling them to develop alternative behaviours.

The company has an anti-discriminatory policy, reflected in recruitment and training of staff and in our treatment of children and young people.