Adventure Care is registered as an education provider to children in our care and the child's educational needs are addressed as part of their Adventure Care Placement Plan.

In most cases, young people who attend Adventure Care have had problems in mainstream education. At Adventure Care we have a team of specialised teachers providing either full time, part-time or education support in another setting. This enables us to provide a very high standard of appropriate education and often on a one to one basis. Individual Education Plans are devised on arrival in conjunction with all relative parties. This allows the young person to develop self esteem, confidence in their abilities, catch up on missed education and work towards achievable goals.

When pupil premium is allicated to our pupils it is used to enhance many aspects of their education. Recent purcheses have included fishing equipment & an Ipad.

Many of the children who come to Adventure Care have encountered barriers to their educational growth. They may have been deprived of essential psychological experiences during their early life, which make it difficult to engage in educational tasks and interact positively with their peers. Family breakdowns often result in disruption and lack of continuity to school life. The experience of failure within the school environment can perpetuate a cycle of inadequacy, anxiety and an inability to cope.

Adventure Care is also a registered Outdoor Education Centre and every opportunity is given in the weekly time-table for young people to engage in challenging activities such as: caving, mountaineering, bouldering, abseiling, water sports and bushcraft.

Staff also encourage and support extra- curricular activities and educational visits. These have included lerning a musical instrument, football, boxing, Sea Cadets, rugby, dance, craft groups and drama. Such activities help promote socialisation and team work, building strong communication skills and self confidence.

The aims of our school are as follows:

  • To develop appropriate attitudes and responses to learning situations that enables them to see education as a worthwhile process in terms of their future lives and successes.
  • To work therapeutically with young people to get over any anxieties attached to education.
  • To work holistically as a team to support children who display behavioural problems attached to trauma, and abuse.
  • To develop Personal Education Plans that support and challenge the individual's needs in conjunction with social workers, carers and where relevant their parents.
  • To provide a broad and stimulating curriculum based on the national curriculum, Outdoor Education and allowing for individual needs and encourage Reluctant Learners.
  • To build confidence and self esteem and encourage children to be pro active in their future.
  • To enable the students to resume attendance at mainstream school wherever possible.
  • To evaluate the student's individual needs, and progress half termly through reports and records of acheivement.
  • To allow each child full access to education facilities, at both school level and in further or higher education as appropriate, wherever feasible and in line with the child's age, aptitude, needs, interests and potential.
  • To encourageand support care staff to ensure prompt readiness to engage in education and that they arrive to the classroom on time. The tutor will liaise with management, care staff and key workers to ensure that each child/young person have all the necessary equipment/resources.

Statement of Purpose

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